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Chengdu weak electric company asked: Why did ZTE suspend Huawei?

Author: admin Published: 2018/5/4 Hits: QR code sharing

问:中兴停牌华为被查为什么说“狼”来了? Chengdu weak electric company asked: Why did ZTE suspend Huawei?


ZTE was sanctioned by the United States, and Huawei was inquired by the United States Department of Justice. As of now, ZTE's A shares have been suspended from trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since the opening on April 17, and will continue to be maintained. As for Huawei, it is unclear what the Ministry of Justice's inquiry progress and detailed allegations are.

In the past week, the suffering of the two giants in the communications profession in China has shrouded all walks of life under the cloud of trading wars, worrying that China-US economic and trade conflicts will continue to advance. However, in a serious situation, U.S. President Trump stated on April 24 that the United States would send a delegation to China to discuss the transaction in the next few days; the White House announced on April 30 The list of people; the detailed moment of the US trading delegation's visit to China is scheduled for this Thursday and Friday (May 3 to 4).

Yu Xiang, director of the Economics Division of the US Institute of Modern International Relations in China, said: This negotiation has given us a chance to change the serious situation of Sino-US economic and trade conflicts that has continued for more than a month, but can the timing really improve? It depends first and foremost on the emotions of the US side.

However, as a editor of Chengdu's weak company, a security professional, in addition to attaching importance to ZTE's next fate, he attaches more importance to: How much impact will a trading war have on the domestic security industry?

The impact of ZTE's Huawei incident on the security profession

It is understood that on April 16, the U.S. Department of Commerce stopped US companies from exporting parts to ZTE. After the opening on April 17, the stock prices of Hikvision and Dahua security faucets immediately fell. Was hitting the daily limit. The concerns of the capital market and the blockade of ZTE may also involve domestic security professionals such as Hikvision. After all, the high-end products of domestic security companies will be applied to the products of Texas Instruments and Ambarella. On the other hand, from digital to network high-definition, and now towards intelligence, the role of chips in the security profession is becoming increasingly important. Because of this, after the ⎝⎛互搏体育⎞⎠ of the ZTE embargo, the stock prices of Hikvision and Dahua Co., Ltd. fell sharply.

The anxiety of the capital mall is a normal response, and it can be understood, but Hikvision, the person at the cusp of the storm, seems to be more philosophical. After the ZTE incident, Hikvision's director Huang Fanghong announced his view: "This is a special individual event that happened on the more sensitive node of the Sino-U.S. Transaction conflict, making us all wonder if it is related to the transaction war. From the point of view of transaction maintenance, it is indeed not speculative whether stricter export control rules for skills will be introduced in the future. Skills control for the protection of national interests is common, but we don't think that it will generally involve general and civilian skills and products. "

Status of domestic security professional chip

As an important part of security products, video surveillance products account for about 50% of its share, and chips play an insignificant role in video surveillance products. It is understood that chips mainly refer to the key chips of devices such as decoding cards and DVRs. Currently, most of the domestic use are TI's DSP chips. Huawei Hisilicon has also developed integrated chips to make the production of video back-end equipment easier. Constrained customization space. Now, in general, chip providers are mainly foreign.

According to IC Insights, the global status of Fabless chip companies in 2017: US companies accounted for about 53% of the global share, and New Broadcom, which is about to relocate to the United States, accounted for about 69% of the United States. Mainland China accounted for about 11% of the world's total in 2017, which was lower than 16% of Taiwan in China, ranking third. Also included are Huawei, Hisilicon, ZTE Microelectronics and Datang Semiconductor's own chips. Excluding these, China's chips can only account for 5% -6%.

Although Huawei HiSilicon security mall chips Hi3516, Hi3516A, Hi3517, Hi3518A, Hi3518C, Hi3518E and other products occupy a very important position in domestic security malls, there is also an old-fashioned manufacturer of security chip companies-Vimicro, since 2010 Continuously provide chip production for domestic security professionals. However, from the perspective of employment people, in the high-end security field, China's core still needs to do its best.

It can be seen from the ZTE Huawei incident that semiconductor chips are an important battlefield in the Sino-US trade war, and the chip data of domestic security companies now has a high degree of dependence on American companies. If the Sino-US trade war begins, China's leading security professional enterprises may suffer.

The race between Huawei and the security giant

Once the leading domestic security professional enterprises are banned by the United States, security giants can only find chips from domestic suppliers. Huawei has been selling security video chips to Hikvision and Dahua. However, since 2017, Huawei has decided to vigorously enter the security surveillance mall. In this way, Huawei directly competes with Hikvision and Dahua.

Huawei's offensive security profession, in general, now has two cards to play: chips and clouds. According to incomplete statistics, Huawei HiSilicon chips now occupy about 80% of domestic security malls. Hikvision ’s high-end surveillance video chips mainly come from Nvidia and Huawei. This was also the better weapon that Huawei could control Hikvision at that time; and cloud services According to the accumulation of its ICT talents, although Huawei and Ali are still some distance away, in the field of security, Huawei's cloud products can still have an impact.

Of course, in the field of security, Huawei also has inherent deficiencies. First, it does not have the advantage of a supply chain: some of the equipment related to traditional video graphics, such as the lens number, can be inadequate, and there is no satisfactory accumulation in terms of electromechanical control; secondly, operation and maintenance can not keep up. The province can cover various ways such as transportation, public security, and campuses. Huawei can only gather in a few key occupations, such as safe cities and intelligent transportation, to concentrate its efforts. In addition, in segmenting professional solutions, understanding the needs of different customers, arranging human development, and channel management are not the advantages of Huawei.

Huawei's affairs are now more reflected in big data channels, storage and intelligent analysis. After holding a large amount of infrastructure data, Huawei is bound to do city-level data processing, channels and use. And this will coincide with Hikvision's later affairs strategy, and the competition on both sides will grow larger.

Regarding Huawei's offense, Hu Yangzhong, president of security guard Hikvision, was extraordinarily calm and compelled. "Video surveillance malls are extremely cluttered. They are multi-layered and fragmented malls. Over the years, Hikvision has worked hard during this period. Very tired, Huawei has a good connection with Haikang, and there is a lot of communication between the two sides. Now that Huawei wants to enter the security mall, we have previously informed them in detail of the situation, and now their internal opinions do not seem to be consistent. I do n’t think this mall is necessarily For Huawei, it's up to them to decide for themselves. "

However, I think Huawei will not abandon the attack on security malls. After all, Zhang Zhong, the director of Huawei ’s video surveillance product management department, once revealed that “about video surveillance malls, Huawei ’s policy is to survive, and we also expect Huawei to have one of the three categories of professional video in the country”.

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